2019 Gigs

26th Jan – Biddle Bros – London
13th March – Old Blue Last – London
23rd March – Rising Sun Arts Centre – Reading


London’s Most Electrifying Groove Rock Duo  
The Purple Lights fuse authentic roots reggae beats into psychedelic gritty grooves, combining a powerful message, delivered in a bright package.

Rob and Akeba form the Purple Lights, a duo with a difference. Rob Fincham a Suffolk boy, grew up on a diet of Johnny Cash, AC/DC & Black Sabbath, before starting his musical career as a singer songwriter.

Akeba Fridye, an East end Londoner is of different stock. Immersed in reggae music from an early age, he also takes influence from the streets of Hackney, witnessing the rise of grime music and taking inspiration from the DIY ethic.

Their juxtaposition of complimentary but unlikely blends gives the Purple Lights a truly unique sound. Incorporating pedals, loops, synths, voice effects and above all their talent, charisma and energy that has given them a strong reputation among London’s music scene.
Roundhouse Resident Artists 2017 – 2018


“Over the past couple of years they’ve progressed from being an intriguing but sometimes ragged duo fusing rock and reggae into a highly polished outfit who are ripe from crossover success.”
Review of Live Show via Subba Cultcha Read More

“This vibrant laid-back track oozes heartfelt warm vibes smothered in indie rock goodness.”
Review of Not Alone via Indie Buddie Read More

“The duo Purple Lights made you want to move, get onto the dance floor or at least bop your head.” 
– Live Review ibis Lates @ Roundhouse via MusicGeekOnline Read More

“A track that really sets the scene of the song and really makes you connect with the song.”
– Review of Not Alone via Music Of The Future Blog Read More

“The Purple Lights have come up with a totally original mixture of rock attitude and heavy reggae grooves, organic and totally authentic”
– Track of the Week via God Is In The TV Zine Read More

“The duo were headlining a showcase of artists in residence at the iconic venue in Camden..”
Live Review via Music Journalist Chris Patmore Read More

“The Purple Lights… give a unique musical experience filled with good vibes, great riffs and messages of love and peace.”
Gig Review via Public Pressure Read More

“A hint of reggae grooves lend a more laid-back vibe to this alt rock duo’s offerings..”
Exclusive Premier of ‘Not Alone’ via GigSlutzRead More

Scratch Night at London Roundhouse feat. headliners The Purple Lights.
Live review via Live4Ever. Read More

“Purple Lights are no strangers to the live circuit, regularly packing out venues and festivals all around the UK with their blend of pop, acid rock and reggae beats.”
Premier of Try So Hard with 1883 MagazineRead More

“The Purple Lights have a strange effect on people.
They can turn an atmosphere of studied cool into glorious, glorious carnage.”
Live Review, God is in the TV Zine, Read More

“In this year of terrorism, Brexit and Donald Trump, the Purple Lights message and music seems truly vital.”
Review of Warning in Public Pressure, Read More

“It’s a big, impressive noise they make, and all the more impressive that it’s made by only two of them.”
Review by Subba Cultcha, Read More

“There’s definitely a fun vibe when you play.”
– Interview with Fashion Music Style. Read More

“Keep spreading that goodness for anyone to enjoy”
Interview with Vents Magazine. Read More

Latitude Festival Diary
Review in partnership with Glasswerk Mag. Read More

“With pleasing ambient backbeats interspersed with some splendid Psy Rock amongst much else, this was a fascinating trip, and for a two piece..”
– Live Review at Bearded Theory Festival with Festivals For All. Read More

When you are at a gig, what are five things you cannot forget?
Rob: GUITAR! Charisma! Love! Akeba! Oh and Trousers!
Akeba: Love, Positivity, Humbleness, Thankfulness, Peaceful mind.
Interview with Music of the Future. Read More